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Adding Code Syntax Highlighting to a Ghost Blog with Prism.js

Ghost is an awesome and user-friendly Open-Source platform for blogging. But by default, it does not support syntax highlighting, which may not be very practical if you happen to add code snippets to your posts. Thankfully, Ghost is very easy to customize in different ways, and one way we are going to explore here is via Code Injection, as in use throughout my own blog. Ghost’s Code Injection feature allows to add custom CSS styles and JS code to the header and footer of all or individual articles.

Announcing an unofficial DataNucleus Gradle Plugin

Following my previous article on JPA enhancement in general and particularly how to perform build-time enhancement / weaving using DataNucleus and Gradle Ant Tasks, a promise is a promise :). I am excited to announce __ datanucleus-gradle-plugin, an open-source plugin for Gradle-based projects. It aims at providing the same set of capabilities as the official DataNucleus Maven Plugin. For the moment, the only capability added is for bytecode enhancement of the user domain model, although other capabilities (such as schema operations) are planned.